Winterbourne House revisited

This morning was one of those, ‘Maybe, maybe not?’ moments. You know when you wake up, and your first urge is to get out there and greet the world, say ‘hi’ and do something with your day. Then you look out of the window, only to be met with a grey, cloudy looking vista. That initial urge starts to fade, maybe the world can wait to be greeted another day? I’ve had many of those moments, but sometimes you just have to push on through and believe that the day will still work out; after all, what can a bit of cloud do to ruin your creative desires?

So I decided to ignore that doubting devil on my shoulder and listen to the creative angel on the other. What ever the weather I was going to take a photo of something, even if it killed me. Maybe not the best of attitudes sometimes, but hey, many people become famous after they’ve passed away. Trying to avoid becoming a ‘past’ master of photography I jumped in the car and headed over to one of the places in Birmingham that is fastly becoming one of my favourite haunts. Winterbourne House and Gardens had just reopened after their festive break, and I was missing walking round the gardens and just taking in the peaceful atmosphere of the whole place.

Now I know it’s just finished with the joys of Winter, so I wasn’t expecting any huge splashes of colour covering the well laid out site; but I was determined there was going to be something there that I could snap a few interesting shots of. See what do you think, was my trip worth it? I think it was, even if it was just for the experience  🙂

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